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Design Adam Barker-Mill

There's still some left. Exclusively for ANTA, the British light artist Adam Barker-Mill created a luminous art object in 1993. This is the ZERO aluminium floor lamp, which has been available since the end of 2014 in a strictly limited edition (25 pieces) and as an LED luminaire. On the one hand, it shines atmospheric into the room thanks to four colour filters (red, yellow, blue, matt white, 7 watt LED) and on the other hand, it creates a pleasant ambience with a 14 watt LED. The luminaire can be dimmed separately on both sides via a footswitch. Each of the 25 luminaires is marked with a numerical imprint in the base. The possibility of colour selection by RGB LED was deliberately omitted. The luminaire's message of being able to adapt to different moods in terms of colour (much earlier than the latest LED technology with colour-changing LEDs) should not be distorted.

To the person:
The light technician/chamberman Adam Barker Mill is well known for his work in the British film industry, but above all he has made a name for himself as a light artist/designer. He was born in Somerset, England. Adam Barker Mill lives and works artistically with the "material" light.

Technical data: four colour filters with 7 W LED, 14-watt LED to the rear as wall spotlight.

Dimensions: luminaire height: 1670 mm, ø 275 mm.
(For more precise dimensions, please refer to the data sheet).

Downloads : Eu-Label • Datasheet • Assembly instructions

3d data can be requested.

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