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Design Torsten Neeland

A luminaire that is difficult to describe: Deep, matt black by multiple anodising. A form that appears simple but offers completely new possibilities. Straightforward, adapting to the room and yet conspicuous by the almost candlelight-like side light shafts. Elegant and timeless. The light shafts are controlled by separate LEDs from below. They are available in white or gold. The main light is evenly distributed downwards by a diffuser. The 1680 lumens on the LED for the main light downwards give off a radiant light. Here too, different suspension options are possible. As a single luminaire, on the rail or on our ceiling panel. It is also possible to suspend the ceiling panel several metres away from the ceiling. Let your imagination run wild.

Technical data: LED with 22W, 2700K, 1680 lm +
2 x 135 lm in the golden or white light wells.

Dimensions: luminaire height: 480 mm, width: 120 mm
Cable length normally 3.5 meters, possible over 15 meters.

Downloads : Eu-Label • Datasheet • Assembly instructions

3d data can be requested.

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