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Design Rolf Heide

The reading light in the true sense of the word. The arm of the lamp is rotatable - and swivelling, just like the lamp head. Even if the luminaire appears to be fixed due to the aluminium arm, the name does not come from anywhere. A wide radius through the lower swivel and tilt joint makes it possible to get the reading light up. The swivel and tilt joint on the lamp shade puts the lamp shade in the right position. The luminaire can be dimmed directly on the shade at the handle. The weight of the foot is sounded out for a good standing. The designer of the FLEXON luminaire also uses the luminaire privately, and he can no longer imagine life without it. Very good reading light, which presents itself entirely in black, white or with a silver arm.

Technical data: LED with 14 W, 2700K and 1300 lm.

Measures: total height: from 95 cm to 110 cm Base: ø 250 mm

Downloads : Eu-Label • Datasheet • Assembly instructions

3d data can be requested.

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