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Design Andreas Ostwald

The reading light and the ceiling floodlight BOM are true luminous miracles. The luminaire head of all BOM variants has a size of 103 mm with a diameter of 60 mm. The LED floods out 1300 Lumen, which corresponds to approx. 100 watts of a conventional light source. The BOM can be ordered with glass or metal base. The coated aluminium is available in black or white. The head, milled from solid material (shade and cooler at the same time) is supported by the extra reinforced textile cable held. Since the cable not only leads to the luminaire but also repeats itself on the luminaire head as a stylistic device, we have provided 26 cable colours for this purpose. The luminaire is available in all versions can be infinitely dimmed via a step switch.

Technical data: LED 14W, warm-white 2700K, 1300 lm

Screen dimensions: 103 mm, ø 60 mm (for all versions)
Reading light BOM: Height 1220 mm,
Base: steel ø 200 mm, glass ø 220 mm
Ceiling floodlight BOM: height 1915 mm,
Base: steel ø 200 mm, glass ø 220 mm
Cable colours: 26 pieces

Downloads : Eu-Label • Datasheet • Assembly instructions

3d data can be requested.

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